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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Passenger Handling
The responsibility of this section is handling and taking care of passengers from the check-in point to boarding at the departure up to baggage delivery in destination.
In addition to technical training on passengers’ check-in codes and conducts as well as check-in system operation, dangerous articles handling, safety and security standards, IranAir gives paramount importance to its personnel code of conducts and ethics especially when handling  passengers. IranAir holds in-service training courses to promote the quality of services its personnel offer.
Like other leading modern airliners, IranAir attempts to offer self check-in services. At the present time, IranAir is pilot testing such facilities at Mehrabad Airport in Tehran.
To offer much better services, the Passenger Services Section consists of 2 sub-units:
Special Passenger Handling
This unit is responsible for receiving passengers with special needs including passenger with reduce mobility(PRM) or disabled passengers, sick/elderly passengers on wheelchairs or stretchers, and children travelling alone as unaccompanied minors. The unit helps transferring these passengers to the aircraft and vice versa by using well-equipped cars(LOM).
Of course, to receive these services, such passengers are expected to notify their needs to IR sales office to provide neccessary arrangment.
Baggage Claim
This unit is responsible for finding passengers’ lost baggage as well as providing passengers with expenses or compensation for damaged ones.
Equipped with the sophisticated World Tracer System, IranAir is able to trace and locate passengers’ baggage and transfer them to the desired destination.